Hello everybody at home,

enjoy our daily reports from Eastbourne:

Alle standen vor dem Reisebus und warteten auf eine Person, diese hatte nicht mitbekommen, dass der Bus 21 Uhr die Schule verlassen wollte. Auf der Autobahn kam gute Stimmung auf, Musik wurde gehört und es wurde gequatscht. Wir fuhren durch die Niederlande und durch Belgien.  Während der langen Fahrt sahen wir einen brennenden LKW und wir standen im Stau. Zu später Zeit, waren wir alle müde und haben geschlafen. Alle paar Stunden haben wir dann angehalten und haben 10-15 min Gesundheitspause gemacht. Ungefähr um (14Uhr) sind wir dann an der Fähre angekommen.

All the people stood in front oft he bus and waited for one person, who didn´t realise that the bus leave the school at 21 a clock. On the Highway  was a good mood , all listened to music and talked with each other. We drove through the Netherlands and Belgium. We had a long trip an saw a Truck that burned and we  waited a long time on the same place. It was in the night and most of the pupils was tired and wanted to sleep.  Every two hours we make a break 10-15 minutes, and go to the toilett, eat something an go back to the bus. 10:30 o clock we came to the Ferry and wait a half our.

(Isabel Jasmina, Luisa)


Emotions about 2nd day of the Trip  by Nico P.

I think it was like 3am when I fell asleep and when I woke up, I didn´t even recordnized that we have entered the Netherlands. It was still early and the sun hasnt even risen. The fog hungs low over the fields and when the sun finally started rising, the skycolour turned into a soft red and awoke some of the other sleeing passengers.
Just bevor we arrived at Calais harbour we could see the sea for the first time. It was a beautiful view and it seemed a little bit like an excuse for the bad weather. After we had identified ourselfes at the harbor, we still had to wait a whole hour until we were allowed to get on board of the ferry.  It took us up to two hours to reach Dover. The whole time it was raining and the result of that was that the white cliffs of Dover looked more greyish than white. Maybe not the best start for our „vacation“ in England. The bus drove us through Dover and because of the rain the streets looked a bit empty. Just a few people walked through the rain and i think all of us were really happy that it was dry and warm inside the bus. It got really quite in the bus and the atmosphere was a little down and no comparison more to the atmosphere just a few hours before when we started. But i think that is understandable after 16 hours of sitting. After having arrived in Eastbourne we still had a lot of time until the hostparents showed up, so we went to a shopping center. Where we stayed for the next 2 hours. In the left hand a Starbuckscup and in the other hand a bag full of clothes from Primark thats how most oft he girls looked when we went back to the bus. It rained permanently. At 6pm the first Host parents showed up to pick us up

Nico P.


Lessons and trip to London

At first our hostparents drove us to the meeting point. There  the bus was waiting for us. Together we drove  to our school. There we had four lessons from 9.00 to 12.00 o´clock. After  school we were on the way to London. When we arrived in London we had a rest  and our London guide come to us. She introduced herself and then the Sightseeing Tour began. She showed us the most important sights for exampel Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, and some backround settings from Harry Potter.  Unfortunately, the weather was bad and all the day it was very rainy . Then we had free time to eat something and buy  some souvenirs. Now we drive back to Eastbourne to our hostparents. A beautiful Day in London goes to an end.



Before we went to Brighton, 28th August

We were at half past 9 on the bus station and drove by bus to the school. At first we had two lessons with Adrian. We did an interview with our partners. After that we had two lessons with Collin. We practised tenses and grammar. It was funnyJ. Then we drove by bus to Brigthon.

By Avina, Alice, Carmen

Today is the 27.August.2014, we were in Brighton. We drove one hour to the pier, some of us went in the city shopping center. The others stayed on the pier and on the beach. At first the most of us searched something to eat. On the pier was a big gamehall where were many people. In the sidestreets you could see many rainbow flags. At 17 o’clock we had to be back at the bus station and then we drove back to Eastbourne. Btw, Nico broke a record in the gambling hall. We spent 3 and a half hour in Brighton and could do what we wanted to. This resort was very crowded and everywhere you could hear German sounds.

Back in Eastbourne with our host families we got a very delicious dinner. After dinner Paul and I met our teachers at Friday street Farm Pub. It was the first time we were in a pub. But we only had a Coke and had to leave the pub at 10 p.m.

Moritz B., Paul St.


The last day-departure day

On Thursday we really didn`t do anything interesting. We met up at quarter to eight at Junction Road. That is the same place where our hostfamilies picked us up on Monday. There we put our luggage in a little bus from C.A.T.S. (our exchange programme), because our own bus couldn`t pick us up. They were only allowed to drive 21 hours, so we had to walk on our own to the school. There we had another 4 lessons of english. We also got certificates of what we did in our lessons and where our teachers wrote something about us what we achieved these last few days. It is like a little memory of our journey to England and it could be important to have something to show when we apply for a job later in our life. After that we went back to the same place where we met up in the morning. And the packing began. We needed to put our luggage from one bus to the other. Then we took a quick picture before we went on our journey back home.

By Anna and Vivian

At ca. 15:00 o’clock we are with our Bus on the ferri P&O. The Ferrii is a very big ship with hunderet of Car, bikes, LKW, and Bus’s. The Ferri has 8 Dags. We go in the shop and bought little Things. At 18:30 we are in Europen in French. Then we drive with the bus beetween(wir wissen nicht was durch heißt) netherland. All 2 hour we make a toilett break. The feeling is great , we heared musik and whatcht DVD. All of the Students are happy to be at Home.